Visual Essays

I consider all of my film art to be visual essays. This page is dedicated to select visual essays that have not been documented as installations or part of exhibitions. 

Shifting Stars


3 minutes, 6 seconds

surgical gloves, styrofoam, soil, rocks, flora; excerpt from James Baldwin's "The Fire Next Time"; NASA Space Recordings; Sun Ra Quartet with John Gilmore "When There Is No Sun"

Bentonville Forecast


4 minutes, 16 seconds

A weather balloon is employed as an allegory for oral narratives, exploring what it might look, sound, and feel like to forecast a hostile or unwelcoming place or region. Testimonies are provided by Sharon Killian, Rachel Lynett, Sheree Miller, and Tonya Jackson

Created at The Momentary in Bentonville, Arkansas

Doubt & Imagination


5 minutes, 57 seconds

What data is appropriate when speculating about a cultural past that has been erased by colonialism and industrial progress? This visual essay, as well as its title, is inspired by Jackson's research into the back and forth conversation between two archeologists, Leland Ferguson and Christopher Espenshade, who discussed the role of doubt and imagination when developing theories on the uses of early Black American pottery in South Carolina, otherwise called colonoware. 

Commissioned by Emily Edwards via The Dallas Contemporary